Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Final Exams Survival Checklist

Final exams are coming in just a couple weeks.  Now that it’s my 4th semester of exams, I’ve narrowed down what I study. 


1. My list of cases for the entire course, with the notes I took on each one as to “standout facts”, “the takeaway”, and “nuances of the case” which include interesting ideas that were set forth in the court’s opinion.  I use this to memorize the case names and facts as best I can so I can think of them immediately.  


2. My stack of printouts of every case’s “pro” case brief that I found on line to read through each one in case I missed anything by reading the actual cases or from taking notes in class. 


3. My “List” list…this is where I write down every kind of rule and element to each rule, again to memorize it completely, with quick references to which cases they apply.


4. My Acronym Page.  This is the page where I write down the first letter of every single case, term, and element of rules I’ve memorized.  I create some crazy acronym so that when I sit down on the exam, the first thing I do in the first 5 minutes of that exam is to write it down so I have a quick reference list to use AT the exam…this way I don’t forget a rule or a case.  


5. My lucky ear plugs.  I’ve used the same ear plugs since my first exam in law school and will continue to use them until I graduate.  I know it’s gross but I feel they bring me good luck.  


6.  My quick before-exam prayer with my eyes closed, “God please let me get at least a B+ on this exam.  I’ve studied really really hard.  PLEASE GOD? (eyes squinting harder) Thanks much. (relax eyes)  Amen.”  

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