Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Best Part of this Semester

By Reichen, 2E

The best part of this semester happened for me at exactly half way through it.  I clerk at the law firm of Girardi-Keese, which is very close to school, and it has an Aviation Law department.  As a prior pilot, I’m very lucky to be managing all of the firm's aviation cases that most often revolve around airline and aircraft safety issues.

Just recently, as in yesterday, I was asked to write an amendment to a complaint we earlier submitted on one of our cases.  The issues that arose from a leave to amend granted by the federal judge in the case were, literally, issues I had learned about in Civil Procedure just the 3 days before.  It sounds crazy, but I knew how to solve the issues proposed by the judge in the memo and discuss them intelligently with my supervising attorney because I had learned how the issues play out by learning them in class over the prior three days.  Talk about serendipity.

Civil Procedure as a class is definitely one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced while at Loyola.  There is so much to memorize and learn in a short period of time, so it can be frustrating when you have to read the same thing over and over for a few days before you understand it.  When this happened at my firm, I realized I knew more than I thought I did, and being able to apply it made it that much more understandable.  To top it off, I brought the issue to Professor Vairo (my Civ Pro professor) and she offered to help me make sense of what I was working on outside of class.  It’s nice to know that I have a working level of knowledge in law already and to have faculty supporting me through it all to help me do my best, and to do the best for the firm and our client.

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