Friday, February 27, 2015

The Best Part of this Semester

By Brittney, 2L

The best part of this semester has been the opportunity to extern at the California Attorney General’s Office in the Health Quality Enforcement section. Loyola allows you to extern during the school year in place of the class. For every 52 hours per semester, you are able to earn one pass/fail class credit. I already knew I wanted to get practical experience during the school year, so it is really great to be able to receive credits to replace a class, as opposed to trying to stretch myself thin and extern in addition to a full class load.

I first heard about the opportunity at the Government Fair hosted on campus. I was indifferent towards the idea of government work and had never heard of the Health Quality Enforcement section, but I already knew I was interested in health law. As soon as I started talking to the representative who at the fair and reading the overview of the internship, I knew it was a great opportunity that I was very interested in. Thankfully they offered me the internship and it turned out to be the perfect fit.

The Health Quality Enforcement section primarily prosecutes disciplinary proceedings against physicians and other health care licensees on behalf of various medical boards, including the Medical Board of California. This occurs when a medical professional has been found by the board to engaged in unprofessional conduct or other violations of their professional obligations. Needless to say, everyday is interesting and reminds me of a TV show.

It has also been great exposure to litigation. I learn something new every single day. By my second week there I began to draft petitions and declarations. It is a really great feeling to know that whatever I do next, whether it be government or not, I am a little more prepared and confident.

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