Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Spread the 3E Cheer

By Yungmoon, 3E

During my 1E and 2E holiday breaks, I was able to lounge in my bunny slippers and spend a few blissful weeks where my biggest issue was figuring out what I would be eating for dinner.  The holiday break of my 3E year, however, is turning out to be a different story.

The Scott Moot Court Honors Board sends students to represent Loyola at three different competitions.  This year, I will be representing Loyola at the ABA Moot Court Competition.  While I am tremendously excited to be participating, our team's brief is due January 5.  Thus, much of my holiday break will be spent researching, writing, and perfecting our brief.

While this may not sound like much of a break, preparing this brief is actually quite different from school.  For starters, this is the first time I am preparing a brief with a team.  We are able to bounce ideas off of each other and give thoughtful feedback.  Our brief will be scored as a team, with no differentiation for us as individuals.  It is a very unique experience that lays a strong foundation for our work as actual attorneys, where we will collaborate and create briefs as a team for our clients.  Additionally, we receive feedback from our coaches that has a different focus from feedback we typically receive in class.  Finally, this is an opportunity for us to represent Loyola in a nationwide competition.  Every member of our competition team went through the tryout process last Spring in the hopes of making the team and having the chance to represent our school.

Although we are still working hard over break, it's a different kind of work, both in terms of the substance and the joint effort it requires.  Luckily for me, my team doesn't mind if I wear my bunny slippers to practice. 

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