Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How I Spent My Summer

It’s good to be back in school pushing further through law school as a 2nd year Evening student.

Before law school, I spent 9 years in television, and before that 9 years in the Air Force, so I think I’m still adjusting the shock of being a student again.  One of those adjustments is realizing that during school, I’m just not really going to have any kind of a life outside of school and work.  I spend most of my time running a financial services company I started a little over 2 years ago.  It kind of took off just as I got in to law school, so it’s been tough to get it all done from day to day.  I spend about 8 or 9 hours  per day working, and then I go to class in the evening.

This summer I took the class Legal Drafting with Professor Maureen Johnson.  The class was EXCELLENT and I learned a lot about writing legal documents.  This helped me also because I had just started a clerkship just before summer began at Girardi&Keese law firm here in downtown L.A.  Because I’m a commercial pilot, the firm has me managing their plane crash cases.  I don’t just service the files of the case, but get ample opportunity to analyze the evidence available to any crash and give my professional opinion of what might have happened to cause the accident.  That’s has been amazing work, and leads to me pretty much KNOW that I want to be an aviation attorney.

Other than that…yeah, just more work on my financial company.  I tell myself every day that all this busy time will pay off.  I went in to law school at 39 years old to make a change in my life and I knew that the transition wouldn’t be an easy one.  I tell myself every day that “this will all be worth it,” and if I didn’t, I wouldn’t get through each day.  In my last career, I feel like I worked very little for lots of reward that came in the form of money.  Now I feel like I work so much with little monetary reward compared to what I do from day to day.  Ironically though, I’m happier now than ever.  Doing what I want to be doing, following several dreams at once.

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