Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How This Year is Different: Life of a 3E

1E and 2E year are filled with required courses.  However, 3E year, I have had more flexibility in choosing which courses I would like to take, as well as when I would like to take them.

Two examples of flexible scheduling - I was able to take day sections for two classes, and I was able to defer some Fall units to the Spring semester, since there were so many classes I wanted to take in the Fall.  

My current schedule:
M: 6-8pm Patent Law
T: 9:50-11:50am Evidence, 1:10-2:40 Ethical, 3:00-6:00 Law Review office hours
W: (free)
Th: 9:50-11:50am Evidence, 1:10-2:40 Ethical
F: 12-1 Scott Moot Court Honors Board

While I will begin working M-W-F, I am really enjoying my slower schedule at the start of the year.  The end of my Summer Associate position, combined with Scott Moot Court training and Law Review Orientation, added to On-Campus Interviews, made for an extremely busy August.

I have no doubt that in typical evening student fashion, my schedule will shortly fill right back up again, but until then, I plan on enjoying the start of my flexible 3E year.

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