Monday, August 25, 2014

How I Spent My Summer

Most law students can agree that law school is all-consuming. This summer was the first time in months where my brain could turn off for an hour or two. After concluding my 1L year, I began work at two civil litigation law firms. During my 9-5 I was busy answering phones, preparing memos and complaints, or researching cases. However once the workday was over, it was time to shut my brain off and go home and do whatever I wanted [usually binge-watch reality TV]. At first, I almost felt guilty flipping on the Kardashians because I had been conditioned to think that there was an outline I needed to finish or a case to brief.

Beyond overdosing on trashy reality TV, my summer working at law firms provided many great learning experiences. Law school is undeniably challenging, however, putting law school theories into practice is a challenge in itself. Work provided me with first hand exposure to attorney interactions with [sometimes difficult] clients and the rigid time constraints of litigation.

I was also lucky enough to take a trip to Puerto Vallarta.  Initially, I planned to lay on the beach with a margarita in-hand and a side of guacamole. However, once I arrived I was quick to put down the margarita and set side aside the guacamole to adventure. My adventures included: fishing, snorkeling, and playing with baby jaguars. Although I was repeatedly stung by jellyfish, only caught a blowfish, and, arguably, the jaguar was well beyond a baby, my Puerto Vallarta trip was amazing. I can’t complain about my well-rounded summer filled with practical learning and some relaxation.

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