Friday, February 7, 2014

Tonight, I can finally say, it is good to be back!

By Nareen, 1L

Winter break flew by and starting off second semester was not the slow uphill I imagined it would be. We kicked off classes with heavy workloads and even had a memo due by the third week.  It was as if the bright lights, pretty presents, and hearty meals were months and months behind us. Why did Santa run off so quickly? I guess he knew how ugly it would get once January came around. Back to unshaven, baggy-eyed, oily-haired students wondering if it’s all going to be worth it.

Well Santa…it gets better when we least expect it. Just one inspirational moment—with a professor, with a classmate, with an employer—and everything makes sense again. For me, that moment was a few hours ago. I didn’t jump on the opportunity when Career Services first sent out an email saying Loyola alumni would volunteer and conduct Mock Interviews for students. But then I figured I should sign up since I hadn’t had a job interview in a while. Next thing you know, I got paired up with an attorney working as in-house counsel for Forever 21. I was actually very excited. I prepared ahead of time and went into the interview with my sharpest suit, feeling like a million bucks. A few minutes in and all that self-esteem went right out the window. I can’t remember the last time I was challenged in the way this attorney challenged me. Question after question after question and not one smile! I acted confident and kept on smiling even though the Lord knew I was a nervous wreck inside. Until, the pretending stopped. He finally smiled and congratulated me for not crumbling under pressure. I hadn’t felt so alive and motivated since before winter break.

Being a lawyer isn’t easy. I know that every single day I go to school and yet I still forget what it really means. We’re not in this for the smooth ride, we’re in it for the challenge. So go ahead and run off Santa. You’re the one missing out.

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