Monday, February 17, 2014

The Final Semester Begins…

By Gillian, 3L

It’s a new semester, so that means I should have law-related things to talk about again!  I thought I’d kick this off with an overview of what I’m up to this semester.

I’m taking four classes this semester — two bar courses, and two fun electives.  So far it’s the perfect “last semester” mix.  Here’s the breakdown:

Business Associations (also commonly referred to as “Biz Ass”).  I was a little intimidated by this class, mostly due to the fact that business/corporate things like “securities” and “mergers” scare me. So far, the class is interesting and not as crazy convoluted as I had worried.  We’re finishing up a segment on agency law now and I have found it to be surprisingly interesting and sometimes fun.  Also, the way our professor uses muppet characters as hypos is super endearing  (I may or may not have been a big fan of “Muppet Babies” as a kid).

Remedies.  Ah, the classic 3L, pre-bar course.  Although a lot of Remedies is a review of torts and contracts, I am enjoying this class.  Sure, you might ask how a whole semester can be devoted to a concept of “what does the Plaintiff get if they win?” but it is a nice and welcome review.  I am also obsessed with my professor.  He interrupts lectures to ask us trivia questions, movie quotes, and to show us photos from his days as a high school girls’ basketball coach.  Just yesterday in class he stopped his lecture to tell my friend Ben that the fist-bump he offered another classmate when she got a question right was insufficient. I love when professors make it fun, and Professor Tunick cracks me up at least once a class.

Sports Law.  This is another fun one so far.  We meet once a week and have covered spectator injuries (i.e. foul balls) and participant injuries.  In some ways, this is a torts review course, but we will also cover concepts like anti-trust and employment.  I also like that this course keeps me up to date in the sports world. (While I’m a fitness freak and an endurance sports junkie, my knowledge of the goings-on in the world of professional sports could use some fleshing out).

Reality TV and New Media Production and Distribution.   I could not leave law school without taking this class from the name alone.  I don’t plan to go into entertainment, nor do I plan to be a transactional attorney, so this one is just for fun and due to general interest.  As a pop culture (and non-scripted programming fiend), I HAD to take advantage of the fact my law school offers this course.  

I’m finally taking a chill pill and toning down my law school extra-curriculars.  I figure I better use my free time to focus on my true passions, i.e. spin-instructor-ing, running, and Back on My Feet. But with that said, I’m still involved in a couple of things:

Research Assistant.  I’m an RA for professor Lapp.  He’s writing a couple of law review articles dealing with DNA collection of juvenile offenders, and I’m helping him with some discrete research assignments.  It’s cool to learn a little bit more about the topic and to gain that experience.

Entertainment & Sports Law Review Editor. I’m a Research Editor for this journal – my responsibilities are pretty light, but will pick up in the next month or so.  As I type this, I’m sitting on one of the comfy couches in the ELR office.  Hint: a huge perk of making it onto a law review is the nearly endless supply of snacks and coffee from our Keurig.

Anyway, that about sums up what I have going on this semester!  So far I am loving my classes and enjoying my last semester as a 3L at LLS.

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