Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Who said law school’s not a blast!

By Nareen, 1L

Every year, my friends and I dress up for Halloween and celebrate big! But this year when October approached, I had accepted the fact that Halloween would not exist. With finals one month away, I was lucky enough to get all my studying done in time. Little did I know law professors love Halloween almost as much as they love hypotheticals!

With Professor Nockleby’s suggestion, our section threw a Torts Halloween party. One hour of class, one hour of fun, and a “Casetume” contest! Our challenge was to dress up as any figure from any case from any class! If you’re in law school, then you won’t think my excitement is totally pathetic. If you’re not, I’m pretty sure I can lure you over to the dark side with these pictures.

Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad

 Pictured left: The girls with their hair protruding are supposed to be fireworks!  I'm the train conductor pulling a passenger into my train.  Very famous case!

Torts professor, Professor Nockleby dressed up as…

Professor Nockleby as Heisenberg from Breaking Bad.

If you’re a prospective law student, I hope your fears are slowly beginning to subside. Our property professor, Professor Roberts, dressed up as well as a fully decked-out witch!  My point is I didn’t have to give up Halloween at all. Loyola professors want you to have fun in law school and still have a life…maybe minus the have a life part.

More of my fabulous classmates...we kind of went all out.

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