Monday, September 30, 2013

Wilkommen in Deutschland

By Yungmoon, 2E

As a newly minted 2E (second year evening student), I am very excited to be a returning blogger.  When I last left off, I had just survived finals and was looking forward to a summer of working at The Center for Conflict Resolution (a clinic through school), and studying abroad.

I can honestly say I never thought I'd have the opportunity to study abroad once I graduated college, but Oh! The Places You'll Go in law school. Wanting to specialize in Patent Litigation, I searched for a program with a strong Intellectual Property emphasis.  George Washington University's program at the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center was a perfect fit.  Loyola allowed me to earn four units towards graduation, and so on June 26th, I embarked on a 2-day journey round the world to Bavaria.

For anyone interested in Intellectual Property, the program is a perfect fit.  I took Internet Law, European Patent Law, Patents Technology & Society, and Artistic Freedom & Control in Copyright.  I did not feel behind in the substantive material in any of the classes as a 1E.  The program lasted 4 weeks, with two classes of 1:40 long each day.  There were no classes on Fridays or on every other Thursday, so really, there was plenty of time to... appropriately prepare for class... as well as explore Munich.  It was a stark contrast (in a much welcomed way) to my typical schedule during the year.

Our school was located right by Marienplatz, which is famous for its clock tower:

We had several scheduled trips during the program, including tours at the BMW factory plant, European Patent Office, German Patent and Trademark Office, and GEMA (which controls German copyrights).  

This is the view from atop the German Patent and Trademark Office:

Of course there were several non-official excursions as well, including the Hofbrauhaus and Salzburg.  Overall, it was a wonderful experience to immerse myself in the field of law in which I'd like to practice, especially in an international setting while enjoying Weissbier und Breze every day!  Many international students participated in the program and added a wonderful perspective to class discussions.  

Enjoying an afternoon at a bocce ball biergarten with classmates:

It was a wonderful way to spend the summer, and I highly recommend studying abroad during your law school career if you are able to.  For evening students in particular, the summer after first year is a perfect time to do so.  So go abroad and experience Wienerschnitzel for yourself - you won't regret it.

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