Monday, September 30, 2013

La Raza does Denver/3L adventures

By Sarah, 3L

This fall I began the last year of my law school career. I spent the past summer gaining my first taste of real litigation experience at my firm, deviating from my usual tax law love affair. I learned so much during the summer, and was really enjoying weekends and evenings free to go to the Hollywood Bowl or Dodger Games(well when not in summer school!). 

Although Most people say 3L is a breeze, my balancing act for this fall requires a lot of my time! I’m taking 17 units at school (including a myriad of tax classes), working about 20-30 hours a week at my firm, and I’m active in the leadership of several of the Loyola Law School Campus organizations. However, even with all my tax law homework, litigation motion drafts for work, organizing (insert campus org) events, and a concert or musical crammed in on the weekend, I still try to find the time to fit in networking and personal growth. 

Attending the Hispanic National Bar
Association's Annual Conference, Summer 2013
One of my ways to fit in networking (along with enjoying a wonderful community) is through being active with La Raza de Loyola. Not only are the students of La Raza incredibly supportive of community member’s successes (and at times failures), our alumni also are extremely dedicated to supporting the organization as well. Thanks to a generous donation from Ricardo Perez ’10, Jennifer Macias and myself were able to attend the Hispanic National Bar Association’s annual conference in Denver, Colorado while representing La Raza de Loyola.

On networking trips like this, you are often reminded of how small the legal community really is. Jennifer and I ran into practicing attorneys from the Mexican American Bar Foundation that had been part of our scholarship selection committee merely weeks prior. We also met up with other local Mexican American Bar Association attorneys from Los Angeles area. Apart from familiar faces, I was also able to network for the first time at a general law conference with tax practitioners—a rarity in conference attendees. In fact, one of the highlighted speakers who is head of the SBSE division of the Denver IRS offices happened to be a Loyola alumni! What a small world!

Apart from the many opportunities our trip gave us, we still took the time to sightsee and take selfies near major landmarks, including the Colorado Supreme Court and the Red Rocks Amphitheater! We also made new friends from other La Raza groups across the country, and were able to bring back networking and job information to our La Raza Chapter. Both of us had never been to Denver before, and despite the lack of good salsas, it was a trip we won’t soon forget!

While Law school can be busy, it’s always good to take time to attend networking events and conferences. You never know who you might meet!

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