Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Days, Summer Nights

By Yungmoon, 2E

The end of spring semester was quite a whirlwind!

In January, I transitioned from structural engineering to an Intellectual Property law firm. I found the job through Symplicity, Loyola's own job posting website by filtering results for year-round opportunities for 1E's. I have made great connections, gotten a lot of valuable experience with day-to-day management of priorities (and the all-dreaded billable hour), and have put some of my newfound law skills to good use. Not bad for a first-year evening student!

Now that I've made it through five months on the job and Spring semester finals, what's on the docket for the summer? Besides continuing to work, I plan to complete my pro bono graduation requirement at The Center for Conflict Resolution ("CCR"). The CCR holds mediations, where a trained neutral professional (the mediator) facilitates discussion that hopefully leads conflicting parties to a solution. The entire process is voluntary, and it is a great alternative for those wanting to resolve issues outside the courtroom. The CCR handles almost any problem, including landlord-tenant, family dispute, consumer debt, and co-worker issues, so I hope to gain exposure to a wide variety of topics volunteering there this summer.

I will also be studying abroad at the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center in July. The program is a great fit for what I'd like to practice, and I'm very excited to become learned in the ways of International Patent Law and bratwurst.

I was elected Evening Student Bar Association President for the upcoming year, so a good portion of August will be dedicated to preparing for the upcoming year. I'm hoping to add more mixers and opportunities to meet alumni, a mentoring program, and reallocating funds to make sure evening students have events that fit into our schedules.

In conclusion, my first year as an evening student was crazy, hectic, overwhelming, fulfilling, surprising, and I wouldn't change a single thing about it. I have made wonderful friends from my classes as well as within the administration. With their support, as well as the continuing support of my amazing family and friends, I am excited to say: Bring on 2E!

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